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Pool Cue Anatomy

Ok, we all know what a pool cue is, but if we were to ask you to point out the “ferrule” would you have the answer? If not, don’t worry, just refer yourself to our Pool Cue Anatomy blog post and you’ll never be caught short when it comes to getting pool cue terminology correct… Read more »

Cue Sport Quiz

If you think you know your Billiards, Pool and Snooker trivia, why not take a minute to test your knowledge with our quick Cue Sport Quiz?! Test your knowledge with our ten questions, plus a bonus question to how well you fare. 1 – In what century was the first game of billiards said to… Read more »

K-9 Ball!

Check out the skills of this talented canine! Sinking doubles, applying a bit of back spin and side spin is no problem for this pooch, check out this video as clears the table in style without breaking a sweat!

Snooker on the silver screen

(Picture Above: Filmmaker; Oliver Crocker & Neil Foulds) We can’t think of too many films that focus on Snooker as the main theme, so it will be interesting to see how this one is received. Tony Osoba, who played Jock McLaren in the BBC classic sitcom Porridge, will be the leading man in Extended Rest,… Read more »

Follow and Draw Shot Tips

A Game of Angles and Power Even if you are at the most basic end of the skill level spectrum, you will probably understand that at the heart of playing pool relies on getting your angles and power just right. With this in mind, we came across a fantastic set of tutorial videos that explain… Read more »

Top 5 Interesting Snooker Facts

1 – King of the 100 Club  Tony Drago has the record for achieving the fastest century break during play at a Snooker Tournament. Playing in the 1996 UK Championship, the Maltese master hit the 100 point mark in a 3 minute and 31 second blur. 2 – Some viewers may find this disturbing   • Larger than life… Read more »

DPT’s Tenuous Links with the History of Pool and Billiards

As one of the most established manufacturers of English Pool Tables in Europe, we’ve stumbled across a few interesting history of pool and billiards facts that you may be surprised to read. You may be even more surprised to read about our connections with the origins of the game, okay we may have exaggerated that… Read more »

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