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Slate Bed vs Wood Bed Pool Tables

Why we only recommend slate bed pool tables over wood bed and composite bed tables.

We are always asked which is best or if there is any difference between a pool table with a slate bed over a table with a wood or composite bed. What lays beneath the cloth of your Pool table is a very important choice. Generally a slate bed table is normally 25% to 50% more expensive for a similar style of table. More expensive Pool tables are normally always slate bed and we think it’s an investment worth making based on the advantages of a Slate bed.

We have manufactured both types of tables over the last 40 years and through experience, have a great deal of knowledge about Pool tables.

The main problem and disadvantages we have identified with wood / composite play fields are that wood / composite materials are not stable and will expand and shrink over time. This is caused because they absorb moisture, once the surface of the bed absorbs moisture it will expand and this will cause the wood bed to warp which means it curves. Once a wood / composite bed warps there is nothing you can do to correct this problem, the only solution would be to fit a new wooden bed but the same problem will alway occur. A slate bed pool table would not have this problem, as slate is a non-porous material and will not be affected by moisture, As it’s not affected by moisture, it will remain flat and consistent. Slate beds have been fitted to pool and snooker tables for hundreds of years and are still the preferred option amongst all professional manufacturers of Snooker and pool tables worldwide.

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