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Slate Bed vs Wood Bed Pool Tables

We are always asked about slate bed vs wood bed Pool tables by our customers. Which is best or if there is any difference between the tables. What lays beneath the cloth of your Pool table is a very important factor. It may impact how long you have your table for or how often you have to get it repaired. We have manufactured both types of tables over the last 40 years and through experience, have a great deal of knowledge about Pool tables.

What is a Slate Bed Pool Table

A slate bed Pool table uses a solid piece slate under the cloth. You can normally never see this as it is covered up and if they can then you have a problem. We get our slate from Brazil and it comes in 6ft and 7ft. Generally, a slate bed table is normally 25% to 50% more expensive than a wood bed table. Top-end tables are more expensive and they normally always have a slate bed.

slate bed

What is a Wood Bed Pool Table

A wood bed Pool table uses a piece of wood or composite under the cloth. Again they can come in a few different sizes and they are a lot cheaper than their counterpart. You will normally find that cheap tables or kids Pool tables use a piece of wood in them.


Slate bed tables are a lot stronger and can take a beating. They are not as likely to break and will last much longer.  As slate is a non-porous material and will not be affected by moisture. This is a big deal, especially in pubs or pool halls where drinks may be getting spilt. 

Wood bed tables are a lot cheaper. They can be almost half the price of slate bed tables. They are also a lot easier to install and take apart and move if you even need to.


Slate bed tables cost a lot more and they are extremely heavy. They are hard to install and you will normally need to hire professionals to do it for you. If you do decide to install it yourself and you drop the slate you will probably end up with a lot of extra pieces, as they don’t bounce very well.

Wood or composite playfields are not stable and can expand or shrink over time. This is caused because they absorb moisture. Once the surface of the bed absorbs moisture it will change shape and size and this will cause the bed to warp which means it will end up with a curve. Once the wood has warped there is nothing you can do to correct this problem. The only solution would be to fit a new wooden bed but the same problem may occur again.

Our Thoughts on Slate Bed vs Wood Bed

We only recommend slate bed pool tables over wood and composite bed tables. We think it’s an investment worth making based on the advantages of a slate bed. As slate is not affected by moisture, it will remain flat and consistent. Slate beds have been fitted to pool and snooker tables for hundreds of years and are still the preferred option amongst all professional manufacturers of Snooker and pool tables worldwide.

If you would like to have a look at our Pool table range then please click here. Or if you are unsure about what type of table to get then you can read our blog which breaks everything down for you and help you make your decision that little bit easier.

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