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Is An Outback Pool Table Right For You?

The Outback pool table is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is made with slightly different materials than our other tables. This allows it to withstand the elements, meaning it won’t start to break down like other tables would do outdoors. There are three main outdoor tables that we manufacture. Outdoor Outback Coin Operated Pool… Read more »

Is A Pool Dining Table Right For You?

A Pool Dining table is a mix between a pool table and a dining table and one of our newest designs. It comes with two wooden or glass table covers. So after you are finished playing you can put them on the table and sit down for a meal. We currently offer 6 different pool… Read more »

Is A Coin-Operated Pool Table Right For You?

You will most likely find a Coin-Operated pool table in a pub and these are the ones you have to pay to play on. They are bigger and heavier tables that have deeper bodies to accommodate the coin mechanism. You can pick between a standard Essex Straight Six Coin Mechanism or an electronic one. The… Read more »

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