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Pool and Billiards in the Movies!

Carlito's way

We recently found this really cool picture of Al Pacino playing pool from the film Carlito’s Way and thought it was probably the coolest pool related movie pic that we’d seen…

How wrong we were! After a little research we’ve unearthed a few beauties, showing some of Hollywood’s all time greats indulging in a bit of baize action.

Check out our Facebook page for a look at the pics we’ve found. For the Star Wars geeks out there, there’s also a picture of some Stormtroopers enjoying a bit of down time around a pool table, but we’re not sure if this is genuine or not, we’ll leave that for you to decide…

You don’t have to be a Hollywood movie star though to enjoy and look this cool playing pool, check out our range Freeplay Pool Tables ideal for the home at a price that even a non Oscar Award winning actor could afford!

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DPT Pool Tables, a renowned name in the world of English Pool tables, is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary. This landmark signifies half a century of exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to the game of pool.

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DPT Pool Tables, have been proudly manufactured in Great Britian for 50 years, at our manufacturing facility in Liverpool. Exemplifing the rich tradition of British manufacturing, combining modern technology with timeless design.

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