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A Little Piece of Billiards Heritage

Check out what we found when having a bit of a tidy up of one of our stock areas here at DPT.

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Whilst they’re no longer in playing condition, this set of three Crystalate Billiards Balls are sure to be of interest to collectors and antique billiards enthusiasts.

Crystalate was the name given to the moulded resin plastic material invented in the late 19th Century. The same material was also used to make gramophone records too.

As you can see, these balls have not stood the test of time and the material has heavily cracked and broken up over the surface, which gives them a nice vintage look as a decoration for your games room but not the best for playing with!

As a side note, if you’re interested in your regional local history or more specifically, your cue sport history, we recommend having a read about the Liverpool based shop “J. Ashcroft & Co.“, from where these balls have been supplied from. It certainly makes for interesting reading, especially if you are from the Liverpool area.

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