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Recommended Pool Tutorial Blog

If you’ve ever searched for pool tutorial blogs online, then you’ll know that the quantity isn’t lacking but the quality of the majority of these sites on offer could certainly do with an upgrade.

There are a handful of sites that provide an exception to the rule in terms usability, such as Billiard Gods, a really useful resource for hints and tips for players of all levels.

In terms of the site design, it is well laid out, clean looking and easy to use and the four main subject areas that it covers in terms of tutorials are split up in to four distinct categories which are;

• “Good to Know” Pool Stuff

• Drills and Exercises

• Challenge Shootouts

 Cool Pool Learning Videos

Along with various contributors, the bulk of the content is written by experienced instructor / referee Allan Sand, making the blog knowledgeable yet easy to follow, written in the style of somebody who has experience of explaining things to others in a clear, concise style.

If you’ve got any other recommendations for interesting Pool and Billiards website or blogs, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page.

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