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Disassembling a DPT pool table.

We get asked by lots of customers how to dismantle our DPT range of home pool tables and pool dining tables to move them.

This quick guide on how to dismantle your DPT home pool table and pool dining table.

This guide is from all our Home pool tables including the pool dining table range as they are very similar to dismantle. There are 4 main parts to each table: the legs, the table body, the table-top frame with cushions and the slate.

Picture 1

The first step is to look at the underside of the pool table body, you will see a number of holes in the base, these holes will give access to the top frame fastenings that clip the top frame to the table body (see picture 1) You will need to reach up through these holes inside the table and unclip these fastenings. There are 10 fastenings on all models of freeplay pool tables, in total, 4 on each side of the table and 1 on each end. The end fastenings on some models can be accessed from the ball return holes in the table end.

Once you have done this, the top frame can be lifted off the pool table. You will need 2 people to do this, it’s not heavy, but it is big and awkward to lift, if not lifted correctly by 2 people; it’s easy to damage or break the top frame.

Now that the top frame is off the pool table you will be able to lift the slate out, please be careful the slate it is approximately 200kg you may need 4 people to lift the slate, 2 of our pool table engineers lift the slates, but they are experienced at doing this. Once you have moved the slate clear of the table, and it’s stored in a safe position, making sure it can’t fall over on anyone, you will be able to see how the legs are fitted to your table.

All models of table have the legs fittings inside the table, apart from the Omega table – there are 4 bolts holding each leg in place, these need to be removed from the underside, We recommend turning the table upside down or on its side to remove these bolts. Once again, be very careful when doing this, as it’s always best for at least 2 people to do this. If you are removing the legs with the table on its side you will need to support the table, as once the legs are removed from the table it can fall over if not supported.

When removing the legs from: Monarch, Emirates, Fusion, Majestic, Avant, Ascot models it’s best to remove the legs from one end at a time with the help of a second person to support the table, Once the legs are removed this end can be placed on the ground and repeat the process on the other end.

Always be careful when dismantling your table, if you are not confident with the process, or do not have anyone to help you, please email us with your address details and a picture of your table, and we will be able to give you a quotation or recommend a professional company to do the work for you.

Here are a few pictures of the holes in the base, and the fastenings inside, that hold the top frame in place.

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