DPT Pool Tables proudly manufactured in Great Britain, since 1974.

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Home Pool Tables

All of our 6 ft and 7 ft DPT slate bed home Pool tables are designed and built in our factory in England. A true Britain brand, since 1974. We currently sell six different models of our home tables. They include the Elite, the Emirates, the Monarch and Monarch Fusion, the Omega 2.0 and the Outback. All of our tables come in a variety of colour options and they’re available in both 6 foot and 7 foot. We also supply a selection of cloth options so you can design your table however you like.

All of our home Pool tables are unique and have their own style. For example, the Monarch Freeplay is the only home table we sell that comes with handmade wood turned legs. A great feature if you’re looking for a more traditional style Pool table. Whereas the ultra-modern Monarch Fusion features a unique metal oval leg for a very sleek finish.

The Outback is quite a popular table as it has been made with weather resistant materials, meaning it can be left outside. The wooden panels have been treated to minimise any bacterial growth and we use a Nappless cloth which will not be as affected by any moisture. It also comes with a cover which we recommend using whenever you are not playing.

We currently have six main colours for our tables. They are Black, White, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Oak and our most popular colour at the moment, Onyx Grey. All of our tables come with two options for the type of cloth, they are Woollen and Nappless. and both are available in Black, Red, Blue and of course Green. We also have a Silver which we can add upon request.

We also sell a range of benches to go with our tables, all available in the same colours to match. Our tables are all made to order, which means your table is built specifically for you.