DPT Pool Tables proudly manufactured in Great Britain, since 1974.

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Pool Table manufacturer DPT the UK’s leading manufacturer

Pool Table manufacturer DPT - Manufacturers of Quality Slate Bed Pool Tables Since 1974

Pool Table manufacturer DPT have been producing quality pool tables for over 40 years.

We have amassed a life times experience and knowledge of what is needed to produce the perfect pool table. The combination of years of experience and craftsmanship combined with the latest advancements in technology and CNC machining equipment, enables DPT to produce the highest quality pool tables for the ultimate game of pool.

We have a wide range of tables available in the following categories: Coin-Operated, Freeplay, Pool Dining and Outdoor. There are 5 colour options and 8 cloth colours to choose from.
These options can be mixed and matched for the perfect combination.

Pool Table manufacturer DPT manufacturer the full range of pool tables in their factory based in Liverpool, England, UK.

Pool Table manufacturer DPT only manufacture slate bed pool tables – slate is the only material that will provide a level playing surface over a long period of time. Originally, all UK pool tables were manufactured as coin-operated pool tables.

Over the last 20 years, due to the demand for domestic pool tables for customers houses, DPT Pool Table manufacturer have developed a wide range of domestic pool tables, the newest of these models being a duel purpose pool dining table.

This table is ideal for the home, having the ability to be used as a dining table, by removing the two piece dining top, the table is easily converted to a professional slate bed English pool table.

If you have space for a dedicated pool room and just require a pool table, we also offer a range of domestic pool tables, constructed to the same standards as the coin-operated pool table range, the only difference being that the balls are returned to the end of the table once they have all been potted.

With this feature, there is no need for the coin mechanism system, by deleting the coin mechanism system the tables are more competitively priced. They still have all the features of their coin-operated counterparts.

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