DPT Pool Tables proudly manufactured in Great Britain, since 1974.

Pool Table manufacturer DPT the UK’s leading manufacturer

DPT has been a Pool table manufacturer for almost 50 years. We have been building quality tables at our factor in Liverpool for three generations. We have amassed a lifetime of experience and knowledge. And we know exactly what is needed to produce the perfect pool table. This combination of years of experience and craftsmanship combined with the latest advancements in technology has really put us at the front in terms of innovation and final quality. Our machinery enables us to produce the highest quality pool tables for the ultimate game of pool.

Pool Table manufacturer DPT - Manufacturers of Quality Slate Bed Pool Tables Since 1974





What We Offer

We have a wide range of Poll tables available in the following categories: Coin-Operated, Freeplay, Pool Dining and Outdoor. There are 5 colour options and we have two different types of cloth to choose from. The cloth available is wool and nappless. If you are not sure about the difference then have a look at our blog here. These options can be mixed and matched for the perfect combination. The cloth also comes in several colours so you can pick the perfect one.

We only manufacture slate bed Pool tables. We feel that slate is the only material that will provide a level playing surface over a long period of time. Some companies use wood or composite instead, have a look here about the differences. Originally, all UK pool tables were manufactured as coin-operated tables. As the game became more popular and people started created games room the Freeplay table went to top seller.

Our Top Sellers

Over the last 20 years, the demand for domestic pool tables for houses has grown massively. We noticed this quite easy and decided to develop a wide range of home pool tables. The newest of these models being a duel purpose Pool dining table. This table is ideal for your home. You have the ability to use it as a dining table. Or by removing the two dining tops you can easily convert it into a professional slate bed English pool table.

If you have space for a dedicated pool room and want a traditions pool table, then we also have something for you. We also offer a range of domestic pool tables. They are constructed to the same standards as the coin-operated pool tables that you would find in pubs. The only difference is that the balls are returned to the end of the table once they have all been potted. You will not have to use any coins or tokens to get them back out.

With this feature, there is no need for the coin mechanism system. By removing the coin mech the price of the table is significantly reduced. And that helps to make your dreams of owning a Pool table that much more realistic. 

Improving The Range

As a top Pool table manufacturer in the UK, we are always looking to improve our range and add new items that customers actually want. Some new additions are our benches which you can pick the colour of, so they perfectly match your table. They also slide under the table to seamlessly hideaway after you are finished with them. Recently we redesigned one of our tables and brought out the Avant-Garde 2.0. We are always looking at what’s popular at the moment and that’s why our colour options are constantly changing. We want your table to be able to match your home so that’s we try to offer our range in the new “in” colours.

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DPT 50 Years of Operation Logo

50 Years of Operation

DPT Pool Tables, a renowned name in the world of English Pool tables, is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary. This landmark signifies half a century of exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to the game of pool.

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DPT Pool Tables Made in Great Britian

Made in Great Britain

DPT Pool Tables, have been proudly manufactured in Great Britian for 50 years, at our manufacturing facility in Liverpool. Exemplifing the rich tradition of British manufacturing, combining modern technology with timeless design.

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