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Pool Table FAQs

1 – What is a Slate Bed Pool Table?

A Slate Bed Pool Table is the type of table that you would find and play on in most pubs, clubs, hotels or other commercial premises. As the name suggests, the playing surface for a Slate Bed Pool table is an actual levelled piece of slate that is covered with the playing surface cloth.

Slate Bed Pool Tables are extremely high quality and long lasting and offer a professional, even and smooth playing surface.

Slate Bed Pool Tables are heavy and generally weigh around 250kg, however these types of tables ARE suitable for domestic use as well as commercial.

2 – What is a Wood Bed Pool Table?

Wood Bed Pool Tables have an MDF wood bed that is covered with the playing surface cloth. The wood bed is less costly to produce than the piece of slate used on Slate Bed Tables, therefore making them more affordable to you. They are also much lighter than their Slate Bed counterparts.

Wood Bed Tables are designed as a fun table for home play, and given their relatively light weight they are easy to move around the house, this type of table generally weigh around 200kg.

The playing surface of a Wood Bed Pool Table is not of the same standard as a Slate Bed Pool Table and would not be recommended for professional use. Unlike a slate bed, the bed of a Wood Bed Pool Table is more susceptible to moisture and temperature. The evenness of the playing surface of a Wood Bed Table, as any MDF surface would be, will be affected by adverse moisture and or significant changes in room temperature over time (especially conditions in conservatories where room temperature can change significantly through the day and night).

3 – What is the difference between a Slate Bed and a Wood Bed Pool Table?

As the names suggest, the cloth covered playing surface of a Slate Bed Table is made from a single piece of levelled slate, and the playing surface on a Wood Bed Table is made from a single piece of MDF.

Another notable difference between the two types of table is the cost. Slate Bed Tables are more expensive due to the higher cost of the slate bed itself. Also the quality of the of the playing surface on a Slate Bed Table is of a professional and higher standard than a Wood Bed, which is classed as a ‘fun’ table more suitable for home play.

4 – What accessories do I get if I buy a Pool Table?

All of our Pool Tables come with a set of 2inch Red & Yellow Pool Balls (with a 1 inch & 7/8’s Cue Ball), 2 Cues, a Triangle and a Box of Chalk.

5 – What type of cloth is used on our Pool Tables?

The brand of cloth used on all of our tables is the Strachan West of England cloth. This cloth is made by one of the leading pool and snooker table cloth manufacturers and is of a professional tournament level quality.
Our tables are available in a variety of cloth colour finishes, the different variations available can be seen when you click on any of the individual tables on our site.

As well as the colour variations on offer, you will see that most tables come with the choice of being covered by either a Wool or a Napless cloth.

6 – Tell me more about the Wool Cloth used on our tables

We use a Strachan West of England Wool Cloth on our tables. Strachan cloths are regarded as the leading brand in the pool table cloth market and have been made in the West of England since 1890.

Strachan cloths are well known for their longevity, classic appearance and for having a lifespan that outlasts it’s closest rivals.

As well as being the official and exclusive cloth of choice for the International Pool Players Association and the World Eightball Pool Federation, Strachan cloths are endorsed by the top manufacturers of English pool tables throughout the UK.

7– What is Napless Cloth?

Napless cloths offers a smoother, faster playing surface than traditional Wool Cloths. Napless cloths are ‘nap-free’ meaning that they will not pill, fluff or shed and therefore will allow the balls to run a lot quicker and unobstructed across the playing surface.

This type of cloth is traditionally found on American Pool Tables, Outdoor Pool Tables and many tables in commercial settings.

8 – Why are some Pool Tables more expensive than others?

The varying costs of our Pool Tables are reflections on different factors such as;

• The type of table it is –

Is the table a Coin Operated Table, a Freeplay Table or a Pool Dining Table?

• The materials used to make the table –
Does the table have Metal or Wooden legs, is it an Outdoor Table that need to be constructed from Marine Plywood…?

• The time taken to construct the table –
Will the table legs require more time to style and craft to give a certain finish (see the Elegance Freeplay Pool Table)..?

What ever price you pay for any of our tables, you can rest assured that all of our Pool tables are constructed by us here in our UK manufacturing site and are all made to the highest quality using the finest materials that we can source.

9 – I have never bought a Pool Table before, what type should I buy?

We understand that a Pool Table can be an expensive purchase, and with so many tables on offer you will want to make the most informed decision that you can. You will see on our site that we sell different categories of Pool Table ranging from;

Slate Bed Tables – within this category there are:
• Coin Operated Pool Tables
• Pool Dining Tables
• Freeplay Pool Tables
• Outdoor Pool Tables

Deluxe Wood Bed Tables
American Pool Tables
Slate Bed or Wood Bed

We recommend the first choice that you make is whether you want to buy a Slate Bed Pool Table or a Wood Bed Pool Table?

If you want to buy a table for home, commercial or professional use and want the playing surface to be of the highest quality, then we would recommend a recommend a Slate Bed Pool Table

If you want to buy a table for use at home as a ‘fun’ table that you may need to occasionally need to move around from room to room, then we would recommend a Wood Bed Pool Table

Coin Operated Pool Tables
Traditionally, Coin Operated Pool Tables are used in commercial settings such as; pubs, clubs and hotels as additional amenities and to provide extra revenue. However, such tables are also suitable for domestic play, the amount to charge per game is easily adjusted and the table can be fitted with a manual coin operating system or the more expensive electronic coin operating system.

You can also request that we fit your table with a Coin Mechanism that will work off Tokens rather than coins, please call us on 0151 523 1451 for more information about this.

Pool Dining Tables
You may not have enough space for a dedicated games area to keep a pool table and need to be a bit more economical on how you use the space you have to work with. This is where Pool Dining Tables come in handy, as they double up as both a high quality pool table and an attractive dining table.

Freeplay Pool Tables
Again, as with the Coin Operated Pool Tables, the Freeplay Pool Tables are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The difference with these tables is that they are not fitted with a coin mechanism, hence the name ‘Freeplay’.

The tables in the ‘Freeplay’ category are all Slate Bed Tables and therefore have a professional standard playing surface. They are also all fitted with a Ball Return System, which means that when you pot a ball it is automatically returned to the end of the table and do not just sit in the pockets. The ‘Monarch Freeplay Table’ is fitted with a Cue Ball Separator return system (the same as what you would find on the Coin Operated Tables) which means that the Cue Ball is returned to one of the table and the colour balls to the other.

Outdoor Pool Tables
Although fitted with Slate Beds like the Freeplay and Coin Operated Tables, our Outdoor Tables are manufactured in such a way that makes them suitable to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

The Outdoor Pool Tables are fitted with the Napless nylon based cloth, this cloth contains no Wool and therefore prevents it from rotting it prolongs the life of the cloth itself.

The tables in this category are also constructed from laminated Marine Plywood, this is a specially treated material that is designed to resist rotting in environments where the material will be exposed to moisture for long periods of time. The Outdoor Pool Tables are available in the Coin Operated, Freeplay and Pool Dining Table forms too.

American Pool Tables
The American Pool Tables that we have are constructed using a Slate Bed and are designed to offer an authentic American Pool playing experience. Available in the Freeplay variety, American Pool Tables use a larger (2 ¼ inch ball) than their English counterparts and are fitted with larger pockets. Again, both are suitable for commercial and domestic settings.

There are other questions that you may me asking yourself before purchasing  a table, have a look at the links below to see if they can offer further guidance.

10 – How much will it cost to have my Pool Table Delivered?

We offer Free Delivery on Pool Tables (and Snooker Tables) to UK Mainland Addresses (certain Outer Lying Areas do not qualify for Free Delivery). The Free Delivery service involves us delivering your Pool Table ‘Kerb-side’ outside of your property, requiring you to transport and install the table on your own in to the room of your choice within your property.

There are areas within the UK that do not qualify for the Free Delivery charges due to transport costs. The postcode areas that do not qualify for the Free Delivery are shown below. For these areas, there is a Delivery Charge of £99.00.

Outer Lying Areas
• PA 19+
• PH
•  DD
• AB
• IV
• KW

11 – How much will it cost to have my Pool Table Delivered and Installed?

To UK Mainland Address, there is a charge of £99.00 to have your table Delivered and Installed.

Our Delivery and Installation service involves members of our experienced team delivering, installing and leveling your table for you. Please note however that installation charges will vary should you need your table delivering upstairs to a first floor. See the link below regarding Delivery and Installation upstairs in a property.

To certain Outer Lying Areas in the UK (see postcodes below) the Delivery and Installation charge is more expensive at £199.00

Outer Lying Areas
• PA 19+
• PH
•  DD
• AB
• IV
• KW

12 – Can I install my Pool Table on my own?

If you decide to have your table delivered ‘Kerb-side’ only you will need to make provisions to install and level the table yourself. Have a look below for a guide to installing and leveling a table.

Note A – Before deciding whether to install the table yourself we would first recommend checking out our Room Size Guide to ensure that you have the required space to install and use a Pool Table in your given space.

Note B – The first thing to note is that to install a Pool Table is a two person job, and will require heavy lifting. Before you proceed to install your table, we would recommend reading up on correct heavy lifting and carrying advice first, there are plenty of useful resources on the internet that cover this subject very well.

Note C – The second thing to note is that our Pool Tables are delivered as three main parts;
• The Table Legs (with all bolts and adjustable leg levellers)
• The Body of the Table (inside of which will sit the Free Accessories; 2 Cues, Triangle, Box of Chalk, Box of Red and Yellow Balls)
• The Cloth covered Slate

Installing a Pool Table (This guide is for ‘Ground Floor’ Installation for Freeplay Pool Tables)

Step 1 – Carrying the Body of the Pool Table

  • After removing the outer packaging of the Pool Table body, take out of the Accessories that have been packed inside the table before lifting and carrying the body. The weight of the bodies of our Pool Tables vary depending on the model, but as a rough guide expect to be lifting anything between 60Kg – 100Kg.
  • Carry the Body of the Pool Table to the room/area that you wish to install the table in. As mentioned above, this stage will require two able bodied people, as the body of a Pool Table can be awkward to carry due to it’s shape and depth (especially around corners and through door ways).
  • In the room that you wish to install the table, lay the Pool Table down safely on to the floor.

Step 2 – Fitting the Legs to the Body of the Table

  • The easiest way to do this is to first carefully lift the table on to it’s side.
  • Have one person hold the table steady on it’s side whilst the other screws the table legs to the base of the table.
  • Once the legs have been screwed on, you will then need to bolt the Leg Levellers to the base of each leg. The Leg Levellers are the adjustable feet that will allow you to make sure you get the table level before you play.
  • Once you have the legs and levellers fitted to the base of the table, gently lift and turn the table so it is resting on it’s legs.
  • Prior to moving on to the next stage of the installation (fitting the Slate Bed), you will need to unclip the Top Frame from the Body of the Table. This is done by simply unclipping the beneath the frame where it is attached at various points along the edge of the body.

Step 3 – Fitting the Slate Bed to the Body of the Table

  • With the Table Legs and Levellers fitted it is now time to fit the Cloth Covered Slate Bed to the top of the table body.
  • You should take care to be gentle when handling and fitting the slate and also to take in to account that this is where the majority of the weight of a Pool Table comes from. Slates are approximately ¾ Inches thick and weigh around 125kg.
  • Gently lift and rest the Slate Bed on to the Body of the Pool Table, the Slate will fit and rest inside the body of the table under it’s own weight and does not need to be fastened or attached.

Step 4 – Clipping the Top Frame of the Table on to the Body

  • After you have the Slate Bed fitted, the next stage is to clip the Top Frame in to place.
  • Simply lift the Top Frame on to the top of the table, then clip it in to place. To clip the frame in to place you will need to get underneath the table where you will find holes allowing you to reach inside the table and secure the clips along the varying points of the Top Frame.

Step 5 – Levelling the Pool Table

  • The installation of your table is pretty much complete now, you will have the Legs, Levellers, Slate Bed and Top Frame all securely fitted and all that is left to do is to level the table to make sure your getting a nice even playing surface.
  • Place a spirit level on to the surface of the table and use it as a guide to how you should adjust the Leg Levellers accordingly.
  • Either with one of your two person team gently lifting the corner of the table that you wish to adjust or using a Table Jack, you just need to simply screw the bolted Leg Leveller higher or lower accordingly until your table is level.
  • The adjustable Leg Levellers will give you approx. 2 inches worth of depth to allow you to independently adjust each leg to the height that you need.


13 – Can I have a Pool Table delivered upstairs?

  • It is possible to have a Pool Table delivered on to a first floor level for example, but we would not recommend doing this yourself. We would recommend using our expert team to deliver and install your table in this scenario.
  • We highly recommend that you measure the access to the room that you wish to install your table in if it is on the first floor of a property.
  • This means measuring the width of any stair-wells, taking in to account any height restrictions and corners that you will need to be maneuvered around. We also recommend that you check out our Room Size Guide too where you able to get more information about the measurements of our tables.
  • There will be situations whereby spaces will be too small to carry a Pool Table through i.e. a narrow stir-well or a corner that is too tight to maneuver around. If you have any doubts as to whether you have enough room to have a Pool Table installed in your property then we recommend clicking and reading the information on the link below.


14 – Do I have enough room to have a Pool Table?

There will be situations whereby spaces will be too small to carry a Pool Table through i.e. a narrow stir-well or a corner that is too tight to maneuver around.


In this case you may require your table to be constructed in a way that will allow our team to disassemble the table down to it’s component parts on site so it is small enough to carry, then reassemble it in the room where you want it installing.


To construct the table in this way is called a Dry Build and there is an additional charge for this.


What is a Dry Build Table and how much extra will it cost

  • A Dry Build table is any table that is constructed in a way that will allow our team to disassemble the table down to it’s component parts on site so it is small enough to carry, then reassemble it in the room where you want it installing.
  • Building a table in this fashion does not in any way compromise the quality and durability of a table but it does take longer to construct is therefore available at an extra cost. Dry Build tables are delivered fully assembled as per a our other tables but they give you an option to break the table down further in to smaller component parts.
  • The additional cost to have a table constructed as a Dry Build is £50.00 on top of the price of the table.


15 – How do I pay for my order?

We require all orders to be paid and processed via our website in full and at the time of ordering.

We accept a range of card payments including:


• Mastercard

• Visa

• Maestro

• International Maestro

• Delta


16 – How long it will it take for my Table to be delivered?

We do not guarantee a set delivery time once your table has been ordered but we will endeavor to have it delivered within 4 weeks from the day you order it.


We do not stockpile our tables and this timescale can vary as each of our tables are individually custom made to order here at our manufacturing site. There may even be instances when the turnaround time is faster than the guide timescale mentioned above.


The type of table that you request can also affect the turnaround time of an order, so if you have any queries about the length of time it will take, please call us on 0151 523 1451.


17 – Why buy should I buy a table from DPT Pool Tables?

This is not just a website that sells Pool and Snooker Tables, it is the online retail division of one of the largest and most established Pool Table Manufacturers in Europe; DPT. DPT have been in the business for over 35 years, and have a state of the art manufacturing facility here in the UK over a 30,000 sq foot site.

Unlike many other online Pool Table retailers, we manufacture every single Pool Table that you can find on our site, and therefore have a complete inside and out knowledge, even down to the smallest component part, of every table that you can find on the DPT Pool Tables site.

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