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Modification Improvement For DPT Pool Dining Tables

We Have Doubled The Strength Of Our 7ft Pool Dining Tables

All of our 7ft Pool Dining Tables now feature a Birch Plywood 36mm Thick Slate Support Box that is twice the thickness of the previous support system.

This modification has been made to provide additional slate support as well as increase the strength and rigidity of the table.

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our products and we felt that this latest change was necessary given the additional load that our pool dining tables bear in comparison to stand alone pool tables. This especially being so for the larger 7ft Pool Dining Tables where the body of the table is longer and therefore more sensitive to the weight of the slate and any additional weight that is applied to the centre area of the table.

See the images below to get a look at where the Support Box sits inside the table.

New Internal Box

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