DPT Pool Tables proudly manufactured in Great Britain, since 1974.

What Is The Best DPT Pool Table For You

At DPT all of our pool tables are handmade in the UK. We design and build everything in our factory in Liverpool. Our pool table range includes several types of tables. These include the Coin-Operated, Freeplay, Pool Dining and Outback tables. We have several different models of each table so you have quite a lot of choice on the style. We also offer most of our tables in different colours. And you can also pick the colour of the cloth as well. If you would like we do offer custom cloth for your table. Click here to read more about that.

Coin-Operated Pool Table

You will most likely find a Coin-Operated pool table in a pub and these are the ones you have to pay to play on. They are bigger and heavier tables that have deeper bodies to accommodate the coin mechanism. And you can pick between a standard Essex Straight Six Coin Mechanism or an electronic one. If this is what you are looking for then click here.

Coin-Operated pool table

Freeplay Pool Table

Freeplay is a standard table which you are likely to find in homes or businesses. They are free to play on so you don’t have to put any money in and with a slightly different design to the Coin-Operated tables. Some are available where all of the balls come out of one end of the table. If you would like to find out more and see some of our Freeplay tables click here.

Freeplay pool table

Pool Dining Table

Our Pool Dining tables are one of our newest designs. It comes with two wooden or glass table covers so after you are finished playing you can put them on and sit down for dinner. Click here to have a look at our different models.

Pool Dining table

Outback Pool Table

And finally, our Outback pool table is specifically designed to be left outside. It is made with slightly different materials which allow it to withstand the elements. This means it won’t start to break down like all of out other tables would do outdoors. It also comes with weather resistant cloth and a cover to keep the rain off it.

Outback pool table

All of our tables are supplied with a set of standard Aramith Red and Yellow balls. And if you want to know why these are the best balls for your table and why we recommend them to everyone then take a look here. You will also get two cues a triangle and some chalk. And the tables all have individually adjustable feet to enable it to be accurately levelled so that you have a level and even playing surface.

If you would like to find out more information about each of the different type of tables then please click the relevant link below.
Click to find out more about the Coin-Operated table, Freeplay table, Pool Dining table or the Outback table.
Or if you would just like to have a look at our pool tables for yourself, click here to go to our Homepage.

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