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Strachan Premier 777 Cloth – Grey

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Strachan Premier 777 Cloth – Grey

Strachan Premier 777 Cloth – Grey


This order will include Grey Strachan Premier 777 cloth for the bed and all of the cushions. This Premier cloth is 100% wool and a tournament style quality. Strachan is one of the most popular Pool table clothes in the UK. And the company has over 120 years of experience in producing their fabrics. This cloth has a “nap” or pile, similar to what you would find in a carpet. This is what helps provides the perfect playing surface.

Grey Strachan Premier 777 cloth provides a very smooth ball roll, very consistent cloth colouring and excellent durability above all else. The advantage of picking this Premier Strachan cloth is that it will last a lot longer and will protect against any wear and tear such as cue damage. It is so good it is used in the World Eightball Championship tournament. In general most Woollen cloth isn’t suitable for commercial locations, such as places where drinks are served because if something gets spilt on the cloth it will damage it. Unlike, other cheaper options, this Strachan cloth is suitable for any indoor tables at any venue.

Grey Strachan Premier 777 SpillGuard technology

The cloth features a specialised SpillGuard technology which allows you to easily clean up any mess, such as spilt drinks. So you won’t have to worry about somebody making a mess and ruining your brand new table. The Strachan cloth will also protect against any swelling, odour or stains. Making it the ideal choice for pubs, bars and pool halls. If you are unsure about which type of cloth to get then have a look at our blog here. We explain how each cloth is made and what makes them different and everything else that you need to know.