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Why we fit metal corners to our pool tables

Why metal corners improve a pool table

Having manufactured pool tables since 1974, we have tried and tested lots of different options and variants in that time. Fitting metal corners to a pool table is definitely the way to go.

The top frame of a pool table is the part that fixes to your pool table cabinet. The cushions are fixed to the top frame. The cushions are key to how your table will play and the ball response, you don’t want cushions that feel dead, and the balls don’t respond when they are played against them, because the top frame is constructed poorly with a weak corner joint and no metal corners. It’s essential to have a strong, solid top frame if you want great ball response and a great game of pool.

Table-top frames without corners always have a weak point at the corner, any pool table without metal corners will never have as strong a top frame as a table with corners, and this in turn affects the ball response when played against the cushions.

DPT tables are all fitted with chrome plated cast metal corners, not plastic, Plastic corners offer no strength and are not worth considering, always check when looking at pool tables if the corners are plastic. Our metal corners bolt though the top frame for the ultimate corner fixing, which is super strong and holds everything together.

The corners not only keep everything solid, they are also safer, as top frames without corners can have a very sharp corner that children can walk into, we have designed our corners to not have a sharp corner; they come with a small radius to make them safer and remove this risk.

Over the life of a table, and when moving the table, the corner joints will fail if it’s constructed without corners. We have seen this happen many times on lots of different models of tables over the years. This is why all the leading professional pool table manufacturers fit corners to their tables.

Pool table corners are an additional expense for all manufacturers, please keep in mind that if we didn’t need to fit them, we wouldn’t! It’s cheaper and quicker to manufacture pool tables without corners.

We fit corners to all our pool tables because the table needs them to perform and have a lifetime guarantee, with trouble-free use.

I hope you have found this article helpful, if you have any questions about the DPT range of professional pool tables, please contact us.

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