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Standard Aramith Red and Yellow Pool Balls

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Standard Aramith Red and Yellow Pool Balls

Standard Aramith Red and Yellow Pool Balls


If you are serious about your pool, then these Standard Aramith Red and Yellow Pool balls need no introduction. For several decades now Aramith has continued to prove why they still hold onto there legendary reputation. This is because of their balls outstanding endurance and uncompromising quality, just two of the words that go perfectly with the Brand name. These balls are used by almost all professional players worldwide and they are therefore recognized as the best balls in the industry.

All of the Standard Aramith Pool balls are made by Saluc in Belgium. It is the result of a high-tech process that combines their unmatched phenolic resin with the finest Belgian craftsmanship. This procedure creates an unmatched set of Pool balls. Their constantly reliable performance guarantees players the pleasure of razor-sharp precision. Due to their exceptionally long product life, owners will receive the lowest annual cost of any balls on the market. Consequently, Aramith has for almost half a century gained its legendary reputation as the signature for true and unrivalled quality.

If you would like to find out more about the Aramith Balls and why we believe they are the best then click here to read some more.

Featuring seven of the brilliantly coloured red and yellow balls, an 8 ball and cue ball.
This set includes:
Seven 2″ Red balls
Seven 2″ Yellow balls
One 2″ Blackball
And a slightly smaller 1 7/8″ Cue ball

We are an Official Aramith Agent for the UK so you can buy with confidence.

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