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Omega Pro Coin Operated Pool Table

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Omega Pro Coin Operated Pool Table


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Omega Pro Coin Operated Pool Table


The New DPT Omega PRO model is fitted with our new metal die-cast chrome plated corners. It features a new design and our DPT logo. These new corners have recessed pockets liners for un-restricted cueing, this is a unique feature on English pool tables.


Top Frame

Our new top frame is profiled to improve cueing action. The top edge is slightly angled to the profile of your hand making it comfortable for you to take your shot as you are in a more natural cueing position, Our top frame is also wider than most other manufacturers, this makes our table more stable and offers greater ball response.
All DPT top frames are made from MDF with a high-pressure laminate covering. The material is very strong and hard-wearing, meaning your table will require fewer services, saving you money in the long run. Some other manufacturers do not use laminate, they opt for a cheaper alternative which results in a inferior product
Our top frame is fixed to the body of the table with 10 quick-release high tension clips to make sure it does not move an inch. Some companies decide to use hinges instead but we have found that this causes a difference in the tension and the balls will not respond in the same way on all of the four sides.

Top Frame


Most English Pool tables are fitted with 3 fixing on each cushion. These fixings attach the cushion to the top frame and hold them in place. After testing though we have found that by increasing the number of fixings to 4 per cushion, the ball response was significantly improved and by far the best of any English pool table.


Chrome Plated Feet

For the ultimate finish, we fit Chrome plated feet to our DPT Omega Pro table. It really helps to finish off the look of the table and make it stand out that little bit more.
Our table has four individually adjustable feet. They are very easy to remove and this also enables you to level your table accurately and ensure that you always have a level and even playing surface.

Chrome Plated Feet
DPT free accessories pack

What's Included

Our Pool Tables are supplied with a Free Accessory Pack which includes:

  • 1 x Set of Aramith 2" Red & Yellow Pool Balls.

  • 1 x Black Plastic Triangle.

  • 1 x Piece of Chalk.

  • 2 x Pool Cues (48″ or 57″ depending on the size of the pool table).

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Omega Pro Coin Operated Pool Table

Estimated lead time is 20 weeks.

The Omega Pro Coin Operated Pool Table is one of the newest options in our range. It is based on on best selling Omega table but with a few new improvments. We have changed the top frame and corners to give the table a more sleek look and actually help you improve your game.

It is availabe in six colour options, Black, Dark Walnut, Grey Oak, Onyx Grey and White. And you can pick between six cloth colors which are, Black, Blue, Cherry Red, Green, Grey and Red. The cloth also comes in two styles, Strachan and Napless / Speed cloth. If you are unsure about which one you should get then click here to read our blog and find out which one is best for you.


If you would like to find out about the different types of Pool tables then click here to see our blog on What Is The Best DPT Pool Table For You. Or check out our range for yourself.

Available in both 6FT and 7FT.
Finish options: Black, Dark Walnut, Grey Oak, Onyx Grey, White
Cloth colour options: Black, Blue, Red and Green Napless. Black, Blue, Red, Green and Grey Wool.
Fitted with a choice of standard coin mechanism or an electronic coin mechanism for an additional charge.