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8 Top Tips to Help Improve Your Pool Game – Part 8

Tip 8 – Keep as still as possible  

This is the key to accurate shot delivery

We can all aim where we want to place our shots, that’s the easy part, the key to success is actually delivering the shot where you are aiming to do so!

Get this fundamental aspect of your game right and it will create a solid foundation from where you can build and improve your skills on.

During a training session try to concentrate on keeping your body as still as possible and only moving your forearm in its pendulum motion when taking a shot. This means keeping your head, upper arm,

shoulders and everywhere else deadly still – or as close as.

The aim of all of this is to enhance your ability to play smooth, accurate shots as consistently as possible.

We hope you enjoyed and benefited from our How to Improve your Pool Game Tips, we’ll put up a post in the near future with all 8 tips in the one place for your benefit!

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