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Top 5 Interesting Snooker Facts

1 – King of the 100 Club 

Tony Drago has the record for achieving the fastest century break during play at a Snooker Tournament. Playing in the 1996 UK Championship, the Maltese master hit the 100 point mark in a 3 minute and 31 second blur.

2 – Some viewers may find this disturbing  

• Larger than life Canadian, Bill Werbeniuk, gave the audience an eyeful during the 1980 World Team Cup challenge, when he split his trousers during a live televised game! Perhaps it was a pre-game superstition, but unluckily for the viewers, Bill Werbeniuk decided not to don a pair of underpants that day!

3 – Can I see you passport please?

• Back in 1977, to be eligible to play in the first ever UK Championship, players had to be British resident passport holders to be able to play.

4 – Slow and slower

• Snooker may not be know for being the most adrenaline pumping of sports for the spectator, but the 2008 Chinese Open game between Shaun Murphy and Dave Harold took the biscuit! Taking 93 minutes and 12 seconds to come to a conclusion, about the average time it takes to play a football match, unless of course you were Manchester United drawing a match under Alex Ferguson, then there would naturally be at least 3 more minutes of Fergie time left!

5 – Now that’s interesting

• What better way to finish of a list of interesting facts than to reference, Mr Interesting himself. That’s right, the man with the electric charisma, Steve Davis, is the most prolific UK Championship winner, with an impressive 6 titles to his name. Now that it is interesting.

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