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Pub Pool Tables as consistent low maintenance earners


Pubs and pool tables have gone hand in hand for as far back as you could care to remember, however with the state of the current economic climate their ‘bottom line’ value has increasingly come in to question.

Pub pool tables have rarely ever been top of the list in terms of the revenue they bring in, in comparison to say fruit machines for example, but is counting the coins in the pool table cash box at the week the best way to determine it’s worth?

We think not. Okay so a pool table may take up floor space, and at the usual rate of £1 per game, it’s income stream is more likely to be a steady drip rather than the regular flow generated by other means.

However, we think the value of a pool table should be judged in the wider sense that, a quality, well maintained pool table with a level playing surface will 100% increase the amount of time a customer will stay at any given venue which will inevitably lead to increased drinks sales.

A pool table also provides a form of entertainment at your venue that is accessible to all, creates a great sociable and even competitive atmosphere (depending on who is playing!) and will have people returning back time and time again.

Overall, a well cared for pool table is a great addition to any pub, club or social venue that can help increase revenue directly and indirectly and give your venue that extra factor that will have customers coming back for more!

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