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Covered Slate for a DPT Pool table

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Covered Slate for a DPT Pool table



DPT covered Pool table slates.

This slate is available in both 6ft and 7ft.

We offer two types of cloth for this slate, a  cloth wool which is a Strachan Cloth. And a Nappless or Speed cloth which doesn’t have a “nap” so it plays significantly faster than standard wool cloth.

We offer the Wool cloth in Black, Grey, Red, Blue, and Green. The Speed cloth is only available in Blue, Grey and Green

The slate is available in two sizes, 6ft and 7ft. So please, make sure that you select the correct size before you checkout.

7ft slate measures 75″ x  39″

6ft slate measures 66″ x 35″ 1/2″

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