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Covered Slate for a DPT Pool table

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Covered Slate for a DPT Pool table

Covered Slate for a DPT Pool table


This order will include one covered slate for a DPT Pool table. This slate is available in both 6ft and 7ft and it will fit perfectly with any of ou Pool tables. It will provide the perfect playing surface for you and your table. If you need to get this as a replacement part then don’t worry. All of our slate comes from the same place and as long as you have selected the correct size this will fit correctly. We offer two types of cloth for this slate, wool which is a Strachan Premier 777 Cloth. And a Nappless or Speed cloth which doesn’t have a “nap” so it plays significantly faster than standard wool cloth. We offer the Wool cloth in Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Purple and Green. The Speed cloth is only available in Black, Blue, Red and Green

This covered slate is very heavy and we would not recommend trying to install it yourself. It can take up to four people to move and install it. We would advise that you hire professionals to do this for you. If you do want to give it a go yourself then you can find out some more information about how-to here.

The slate is available in two sizes, 6ft and 7ft. So please, make sure that you select the correct size before you checkout.
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