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Fusion Outdoor Pool Dining Table

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Fusion Outdoor Pool Dining Table


This table is only available in one size.

This table is only available in one finish.

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Fusion Outdoor Pool Dining Table


The top frames for our Fusion Outdoor pool tables are made to the highest quality providing the most comfortable position for you to take your shot. Due to our top frames being wider than some other manufacturers, this makes for a more secure frame and a better ball response when playing. Our top frames are made from MDF with high pressure laminate meaning our tables are strong and hard wearing requiring less maintenance over the course of its lifespan. Our high quality top frames are attached to the body of the pool table using 10 quick release high tension clips in order to provide customers with a more stable product, meaning an overall higher quality of playing experience.


Outdoor Cover

Our Outback tables all come with custom made covers to protect your pool table at all times when being stored outside. It is essential that your table is kept covered when outside to protect from any rain and other elements that could damage the product. If the table is wet, be sure to allow the table to dry before placing the cover back on the table. This prevents any potential damage and build up that could lead to things such as mould.

Outdoor Cover

Plywood Construction

Our outdoor tables are manufactured using the highest quality plywood to ensure strength and durability for our customers. Plywood is manufactured using layers of wood bonded together to strengthen the product.

Plywood Construction

Custom Outdoor Cloth

On all of our outdoor tables we use top quality custom napless cloth. Our cloth is manufactured by Strachan and is the highest quality to best protect the table from any of the outside elements that it might be exposed to when being played outside.

Custom Outdoor Cloth
DPT free accessories pack

What's Included

Our Pool Tables are supplied with a Free Accessory Pack which includes:

  • 1 x Set of Aramith 2" Red & Yellow Pool Balls.

  • 1 x Black Plastic Triangle.

  • 1 x Piece of Chalk.

  • 2 x Pool Cues (48″ or 57″ depending on the size of the pool table).

Build your table

Fusion Outdoor Pool Dining Table

Estimated lead time in the following postcodes L, CH, M, BL, WN, WA is 4 weeks, any other area is 10 weeks.

The Fusion Outdoor Pool Dining Table is constructed to the same specifications as the ‘Outback Outdoor’ table. The table body is birch plywood with a White laminated covering, This outdoor pool table also doubles up as a stylish dining table, supplied with a 2 piece, 6 mm thick, toughened smoked glass top. The glass tops sit on the rubber pockets.

The table is supplied with 2 cues, 1 set of Aramith Red & Yellow balls, 1 triangle and chalk. We also supply a custom-made cover with every outdoor table. This cover will keep your table clean.

The Fusion Outback pool dinning table is suitable for outdoor use, but as with all timber products, that are used outside, there are a couple of points to consider.

The parts of the table that are not laminated (the inside and base) will discolour and show signs of mould, mildew and pollution over time, you can use a suitable cleaning product to try and help clean the table, but it’s really not necessary as it will not affect the play, it’s only cosmetic and unseen on these parts. If at any time the table is not covered, and it gets wet, it is very important to make sure the table is dried out and aired before it’s re-covered.  If the table is covered while wet or damp, this will cause the laminate to blister and mould and mildew to build up on the table very quickly.

Never leave the table exposed to the rain. If possible, store the table undercover during the winter months and out of direct sunlight. If kept outside all year round, the table will weather and age and this will impact the life of the table, the wooden parts will age and show signs of water damage, as would any wooden product that is left outdoor.  Wood will naturally contract and expand due to the humidity, heat and seasons. Bubbles and Hairline cracks can appear to open or close accordingly.

Any of the above effects are not covered under your guarantee.

Available in 7FT only.
Finish options: White
Cloth colour options: Grey and Blue. All cloths on outdoor tables are a Napless finish to best protect your table for outdoor use.
Supplied with glass dining tops as standard.