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Pool Table Drinking Game

10258567_659805560739417_1895068206584208473_nAs its Friday, we thought we would give you some inspiration for some pool table related fun and games for the weekend!

Pair up in two teams (two people on each team) and set up as if you were playing a regular game.

Decide who takes the break as normal and then just apply the following basic rules shown below. (some of you may find your game improves or worsens at the beers are sunk!)

You can decide on your own measures of what constitutes a “drink” and of course on your choice of tipple.



You must take a “drink” whenever:

• Your opponent pots a ball.

• You or your team member misses a shot

• You or your team mate commits a foul

• Your opponent pots two balls in a row, then you and your team mate must take two drinks each after the second shot….

• If they pot three balls in a row, then you and your team mate must take three drinks each after the third shot… If your opponent pots four balls in a row then…. I think you see where we are going with this!!

Basically to succeed in a sober state in this game its best if you basically clear the table straight from the break, but where is the fun in that!?

We do of course endorse drinking responsibly so if you are particularly bad at pool we advise for you to sit this one out!

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