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A Game of Angles and Power

Even if you are at the most basic end of the skill level spectrum, you will probably understand that at the heart of playing pool relies on getting your angles and power just right.

With this in mind, we came across a fantastic set of tutorial videos that explain the physics behind the essential shots that you will need to master to improve your game.


Follow and Draw Shots

The first video we came across from the Dr Dave Billiards YouTube Channel was a tutorial explaining how ‘Follow & Draw Shots‘ work.

This tutorial video shows you how to get the right amount of backspin that you need and explains how it is achieved in a really clear and easy to follow way.

You will get a great idea of how the cue ball spins and moves towards the object ball along it’s path, based on how much power you hit it with, as well as the angle at which the cue ball is struck by the cue tip.


Cue Ball and Cloth Friction

When the video footage is slowed down mid shot you will also see how the cue ball spins and generates friction against the cloth, this gives you a good idea of how cloth is worn down over time, especially after regular use.

This particular point highlights one of the tips included in our Pool Table Maintenance blog post, with regards to cleaning the pool balls regularly. It is easy to see how even the smallest amount of debris can get ingrained in to your pool cloth when the high speeds and temperatures of the balls come in to contact with it.


Changing Angles and Trajectory

In addition to explaining how power and angle affects the spin of the cue ball, the latter half of this tutorial gives a really clear demonstration of how the trajectory of the cue ball differs as you change your approach angle.

All in all we think that this tutorial gives a brilliant demonstration of a key shot technique that you can use to sure up both your defensive and attacking game.

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