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Cue Sport Quiz

If you think you know your Billiards, Pool and Snooker trivia, why not take a minute to test your knowledge with our quick Cue Sport Quiz?!

Test your knowledge with our ten questions, plus a bonus question to how well you fare.

1 – In what century was the first game of billiards said to have been played?

2 – What name is given to the ball that you are aiming for the with the cue ball?

3 – In which well know Shakespeare play did ‘The Bard’ reference billiards?

4 – Which 16th Century Queen was said to have been buried wrapped up in the cloth from her own billiards table?

5 – Billiards was a relaxing pastime for which famous Austrian composer?

6 – What is the standard size of an American Pool Ball?

7 – Who was the first company to manufacture billiards cloth?

8 – Why is billiards cloth traditionally green?

9 – Which famous Hollywood actor made all of his own shots, except for one, in the 80’s film, The Colour of Money? For a bonus point, name the shot that he didn’t take!

10 – In what year was the first World Snooker Championships televised?


1 – 15th Century

2 – Object ball

3 – Anthony and Cleopatra

4 – Mary Queen of Scots

5 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

6 – 2 1/4″

7 – Iwan Simonis in 1453

8 – As a reference to its roots as a lawn game

9 – Tom Cruise / Bonus: The jump shot over two balls to pot another!

10 – 1973

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