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Changing the Price of Play on a Coin Operated Pool Table

We often get asked how to change the price of play or even set the table to Free Play mode, on our Coin Operated Pool Tables.

The coin mechanism may look like a complicated contraption, but changing the price of play is relatively simple when you know how!

Firstly we’ll explain how to set your coin-operated pool table to Free Play.

1 –  First, you will need to access the coin mechanism itself by opening the Ball Draw using the keys that were supplied with your table.

2 – You will notice that there are varying ‘lanes’ on the top of the mechanism where users place their coins when paying for a game. You’ll also see that there will already be some unused lanes covered.

3 – The unused lanes are covered by what is called ‘Blanking Plates’, you should have some of these spare from when the table was originally supplied to you.

4 – To set the table to Free Play, all you need to do is simply ‘blank off’ the lanes that aren’t already covered.

5 – Once all lanes are covered, then users of your pool table will only need to push in the mechanism every time they want to start a new game.

There’s a little more involved in changing the price of play, but Essex Engineering, the manufacturer of the coin mechanism have provided us with step by step guide on how to do this.

Take a look below at their step by step guide for further information:





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