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Top 5 Pool Table Lighting Guide Tips

Pool Table Lighting

Pool Table Lighting Guide List

Top 5 Tips from DPT Pool Tables
Unless you own a club, pub or snooker hall, Pool Table Lighting know-how is unlikely to be part of your everyday DIY skills list! With this in mind, we’ve put together a brief guide on the subject to make sure that you get it just right.

1 – Any old light WON’T do!

Just having a well lit room will not necessarily provide the ideal environment for providing the best Pool Table lighting conditions. If you want to get the lighting conditions right, then it is worth investing in a proper Pool Table Light shade set.

Purpose created Pool Table Lighting sets are designed to provide an even light source for your table and not the whole of the room.

2 – Get the professionals in!

The majority of Pool Table Lights will need to be hardwired in to your ceiling, so unless you’re a qualified electrician or really know what you’re doing, then we’d recommend getting a professional in to do the job for you.

We would also recommend having your Pool Table Light fitted BEFORE you install your Pool Table. The main reason being that if your table is already installed and you decided to have a light fitted afterwards then you risk possible damage to the table during the installation of the light.

Dust from brick work and plaster from your ceiling is the quickest way to totally ruin the cloth on your Pool Table! So if needs be, BUY A COVER for your table prior to any light installation work begins. Pool Table Covers are relatively inexpensive, especially in comparison to the cost of any repair potential repair work that you may need!

3 – Stop hitting the light shade with my new cues!

Setting your Pool Table Lighting at the correct height is as essential as the right cue and a level table. Set it too low and you’re going to be hitting the light shade with your cue after every shot, too high and you’re going to blind yourself and your opponents! Check out our three general rules to guide you to ensure the best lighting for your table with regards to the height of the light.

• A less scientific but universally practiced option is to hang the light so that the bottom of the light fixture is about level with the bridge of the players nose

What if I have already installed my table I hear you ask!? If so, then as a general rule hang your light approximately 62″ to 70″ from the floor, but bear in mind that minor adjustments may be necessary.

4 – A bit too the left.. a bit to the right… left again…

In addition to getting the right height, it’s important to centre your Pool Table Light correctly. The last thing you need is odd shadows and angles being cast by an off centre light (especially when you’re up against those players who always have an excuse for playing a bad shot – you know who you are!).

5 – Not too bright… but not too dim!

Getting the right brightness of light will not only help you create that ambient games room feel, it will also and more importantly, stop any deceiving shadows and annoying glare off the balls being caused.
Having the light too dim will affect your depth of perception when playing shots and too bright will cause glare and irritate players’ eyes.

Most Pool Table Light sets will allow up to a 60 watt bulb, which is what we would recommend, but it’s not uncommon use a a 40 watt bulb if you find the 60 watt too bright.

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