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8 Top Tips to Help Improve Your Pool Game – Part 6

Tip 6 – A relaxed player is a better player!

Get in the comfort zone

As can be said with the majority of sports, the more relaxed you are the better you will perform. Okay, there are going to be pressure situations in any game where your mind might be running away with you and unless your an expert in the art of Zen meditation then controlling those distracting thoughts may not come easy.

You can control your body though, and how you position yourself for a shot. Control your body and the physical aspect of your game and in time your mind will follow, making you cool as a cucumber for that all important match winning black ball shot.

Here’s a few tips on how to set up yourself up when making a shot.

1 – Position your feet about 45cm, approx. 18 inches apart

2 – Your back leg should be straight and depending on your preference of stance keep your front leg bent or straight.

3 – Take a moment to feel how you are distributing your body weight, and consciously distribute it evenly on both your front and back legs.

4 – The positioning of your grip hand on the cue should only be around 5cm – 7.5cm (2 – 3 Inches) from your hip.

5 – Always have your head positioned directly over your cue no matter what stance you take (ref. point 2).

Take the time to focus on relaxing your body during your next few practice sessions so it becomes an established part of your game, you’ll eventually be going through these motions without even thinking about it!

Check out this video for more tips on improving your stance

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