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8 Top Tips to Help Improve Your Pool Game – Part 5

Tip 5 – The Secret behind consistent Follow and Draw Shots  

Keep calm and follow through!

When applying draw or back spin, or executing a follow shot with top spin, the key is to keep the cue stick as level as possible. During the stoke action for either of these shots, only your forearm and wrists should be moving, the cue should remain nice and steady and level.

Keep a light grip on the cue while executing a relaxed stroke and follow the shot through. Contrary certain pool room myths, performing these shots right is not about hitting the ball as hard as possible.

With the right technique you will be able to apply back and top spin time and time again.

Check out some of the video’s on the link below for more help on these types of shots (for all non U.S. viewers, excuse the American terminology used in these videos!)

Follow & Draw Shot Demonstrations

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