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Ascot Coin Operated Pool Table

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Ascot Coin Operated Pool Table


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Ascot Coin Operated Pool Table


Our corners are tough and very strong, They are manufactured from metal alloy and chrome plated, We fit the same corners to our full range and they have been tested in the most demanding commercial locations. We don't use plastic corners like some companies.


Top Frame

The top frames on our tables are designed and manufactured to stand up to the toughest environments they are built to last the test of time. We only use high-density 36mm MDF fitted with a high-pressure hard-wearing laminate finish. At 115mm wide the additional strength and ball response is incredible. It's all held together with 4 metal diecast corners that are chrome plated to a mirror finish.

Top Frame

Solid Hardwood Turned Legs

The Ascot pool table is fitted with solid hardwood legs, that are hand turned on a lathe and then French polished by hand for a traditional look. The bottom of the leg incorporates a matching foot for levelling the table. The legs are very strong and durable giving the table the perfect base for the ultimate game of pool.

Solid Hardwood Turned Legs


We only manufacture pool tables with a Genuine slate bed for a trouble free playing surface. The slates are 19mm thick and have been presion ground on computer controlled machinery for a perfectly flat and level surface. Slate has been used on billiard, snooker and pool tables for over 200 years!

DPT free accessories pack

What's Included

Our Pool Tables are supplied with a Free Accessory Pack which includes:

  • 1 x Set of Aramith 2" Red & Yellow Pool Balls.

  • 1 x Black Plastic Triangle.

  • 1 x Piece of Chalk.

  • 2 x Pool Cues (48″ or 57″ depending on the size of the pool table).

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Ascot Coin Operated Pool Table

Estimated lead time is 12 weeks.

The Ascot Coin Operated Pool table is a traditional style DPT table. It is availabe in two colour options, Black and Dark Walnut. And you can pick between five cloth colors which are, Black, Grey, Blue, Green and Cherry Red. The cloth also comes in two styles, Strachan and Napless / Speed cloth. If you are unsure about which one you should get then click here to read our blog and find out which one is best for you.


The table has wooden legs that are hand turned by our skilled craftsmen. We have had the same worker making these legs for the past 20 years. So you can rest assured that they will arrive in perfect condition. And if you ever need to get a replacement item for your Ascot Coin Operated Pool table you don't have to worry about it not matching. We always stick to the same manufactoring techniques when it comes to our tables and all of our parts. The legs are finished to the same colour as the tables veneered body. So everything will perfecly and look fantastic when you finally have it set up where you want it.


The table has four individually adjustable feet that enable it to be accurately levelled. This ensures that you always have a level and even playing surface. If you ever damage or just want to replace the feet on the table then you can get them from the parts sections of our website here.

You will normally find Coin-Operated pool tables in pubs and these are the type that you have to pay to play on. They are bigger and heavier than standard tables as they have deeper bodies to accommodate the coin mechanism. All of our Coin Operated tables are constructed with 3/4″ Slate bed. And they come with a Mechanical “Essex Straight Six” Coin Mechanism fitted as standard. We also offer an electronic Mechanism that can be fitted as an optional extra. There is a variable ‘price per game’ settings that can be applied so you can set the cost to play on either type of the coin mech. If you would like to know how to change it then click here to read our blog.

If you would like to find out about the different types of Pool tables then click here to see our blog on What Is The Best DPT Pool Table For You. Or check out our range for yourself.

Available in both 6FT and 7FT.
Finish options: Black and Walnut
Cloth colour options: Black, Blue, Red and Green Napless. Black, Blue, Red, Green and Grey Wool.
Fitted with a choice of standard coin mechanism or an electronic coin mechanism for an additional charge.