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Monarch Fusion Freeplay Pool Table

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Monarch Fusion Freeplay Pool Table

Monarch Fusion Freeplay Pool Table



The delivery time is 6-8 weeks from being ordered.

The ultra modern ‘Monarch Fusion Freeplay Pool Table’ features unique metal oval powder coated legs for a sleek finish, also a slate support system to ensure a true playfield which is covered in Strachan West of England cloth. This table also features a “Cue Ball Separator” that runs the cue ball and coloured balls down to opposite ends of the table when potted. The Monarch Fusion is available in both 6ft and 7ft in a choice of finishes including; black, dark walnut, walnut and white. As well as a choice of cloth including, black, blue, red and green in either wool or napless cloth and also grey wool.